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The Research Group on Artificial Intelligence (RGAI) belongs to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and University of Szeged (SZTE) Informatics Departments. The predecessor of this group was established in 1969 and called The Research Group on Theory of Automata. But in 1996 the group was reorganized and since then has been led by Professor CSIRIK János.

The RGAI pursues an active research and teaching programme in artificial intelligence and more generally in computer science. These pages describe the current research projects and educational activities of the research group. The research carried out within the group is continually developing and new areas are being opened up. This report therefore only represents a snapshot of our current activities.

The RGAI actually consists of 13 members who have a special interest in the following topics:
Computational Learning Theory
Computational Complexity Theory, Approximation Algorithms
Inductive Logic Programming
Artificial Neural Networks, Adaptive Intelligent Control
Genetic Algorithms
Speech Recognition
Shape-description Problem
Multiscale Analysis of Medical Images
Program Analysis
Process Network Synthesis