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The research group is currently involved in several international and Hungarian research projects. In addition to basic research activities we have an ongoing joint R&D project with IQSOFT Co. Ltd. for the development of an intelligent debugger tool for SICSTUS Prolog.

International Projects, Grants / Nemzetközi Projektek

ESPRIT 20237, Inductive Logic Programming 2, 1996-1998 (leaders: GYIMÓTHY Tibor, TURÁN György) The main aim of this project is to develop effective methods and systems in the field of Inductive Logic Programming. Ten universities and research institutes are involved in this project.

PHARE TDQM H9305-02/1022, Applications of ILP, 1996-1997 (leader: GYIMÓTHY Tibor) This project was related to the ESPRIT 20237 project. We applied ILP methods to ECG classification problem and learning attribute grammars. PAC learnable ILP algorithms were also introduced.

Hungarian Projects, Grants / Hazai Projektek